Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lust 4 PHOTOGRAPHY: " Road Trip" // by Jarrett Meilleur

Look what I found on the way to Vegas...


Lust 4 MUSIC: SebastiAn // "Embody"

Photo Credit: Jean-Baptiste Mondino

SebastiAn is a French electro musician that I heard for the first time while I was working at MAGIC and I've been hooked ever since. Here is a little info on the album cover artwork. Take a close look at the cover art. At first glance it looks like two men kissing but it's actually SebastiAn kissing himself.

The image of SebastiAn kissing himself has sparked some controversy, misunderstanding and confusion among fans and viewers.

SebastiAn explains the cover art in an interview:
"I rarely do things for a specific reason: for a start, the idea of a double kissing itself represents my vision of the artistic posture; it’s a type of serious joke on the relationship that an artist has with his ego. Also, my first covers were a tracing of my face, so I wanted to follow that idea with a photograph while adding something new. When you play a game, you should play it all the way or not at all. So, for instance, even if you don’t like your face you should embrace it, emphasise it, even! The choice of black and white is to break with the often very colourful graphics of techno. The cover signed by Mondino symbolises the total desire of the creator, the absolute ego of the artist who kisses and devours himself."


SebastiAn - Embody

To download this song click here.